Keaton E - 09 / Sep / 2020






Arc'teryx Covert 1/2 Zip  

When it gets cold outside this becomes my go-to layer. I love this piece because I do just about everything in it, I can come to work in it, go out to dinner in it, and even use it as a mid-layer skiing. When I'm feeling like I just want to be warm all day, I go to the Covert. All colors are good. Fit is slimmer side (which is one of the reasons I like it so much) If you're needing extra length in the body or stomach, consider going up in size. 

Rails Brushed Lennox

It got cold this week and I immediately went to this shirt. The brushed fabric is so soft! It's like wearing the softest sweatshirt you've ever put on - in flannel form. It's super light weight so it's warm without being suffocating, a shirt you put on and want to keep on all day. It fits true to size and isn't clingy anywhere. 

Blundstone Classic 585

Whether you've had a pair for 20 years, always wanted them, or never seen them, Blundstone boots will quickly become your go-to shoe. Lightweight, comfortable, and shoes that go with ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING. Dress them up, dress them down, wear them however you want but one thing's for certain, you'll be wearing them - for years to come. These Tasmanian made boots are built to last.  

Vuarnet Sunglasses

Vuarnet? Like Vuarnet from the 80's? Yes. That Vuarnet. Are they still good? Um... YES! After getting a pair of Vuarnet sunglasses 2 years ago, I now have 3 pairs and exclusively wear Vuarnet. Here's why. 

Vuarnet still uses the same mineral glass lenses they've been using since the 1950's. Mineral glass is a natural and recyclable alternative to polycarbonate lenses found in brands like Smith, Oakley, and others. What sets mineral glass apart from polycarbonate is the superior filtration and clarity.

Mineral glass filters 100% of UV light (UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C), 99% of damaging Blue Light, and 94% of Infrared light (heat and dryness). 

Mineral glass is much clearer than other polycarbonate lenses, adding less distortion throughout the field of view. Most high-end telescope and camera lenses are made out of mineral glass! As an added benefit, mineral glass is much harder than polycarbonate (plastic) lenses making them much more resistant to scratches. 

Each lens takes more than 7 days to manufacture! The video quickly shows the process and this page explains all the benefits!




Keaton has worked for Sports Den since 2017. Keaton is one of our go-to boot fitters, ski, and race experts. He grew up in Park City, and grew up racing for Rowmark and Park City ski teams. Keaton recently graduated from the University of Utah in Marketing with an ephasis in Sales and Business Development.